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My Work

I may be a generalist, but I do specialize in one thing: blending my projects in with existing styles, especially historic homes and buildings. Attention to detail coupled with a passion for historic American architecture and giving old houses and buildings the love they deserve, all while sneaking in modern amenities and trends. Think resto-mod cars and trucks, but for buildings! 


Kitchen & Bath Renovation

1920's Craftsman. Hideous kitchen. Segmented floor plan.

Moved the bathroom, opened the space, built a new kitchen, problem solved!


Spare Room to Bathroom Conversion

No bathroom upstairs. Soon-to-be pregnant homeowners. Solution? Convert spare bedroom into ensuite master bath, badabing badaboom!​


Home Gym

Boring "entertainment room" above garage. Hockey fan owners wanted a gym that showcased their dueling fandom.

No problem!


Deck Renovation

Dilapidated old deck. Limited budget. Skyrocketing lumber costs and severely limited inventory nationally (thanks covid). Called in a favor to get lumber, saved the original joists, stained it to match the existing fence, and stretched the steps to the length of the deck. Now it's an entertainment feature that seamlessly blends with the back yard, instead of an eyesore.

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